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Google I/O 2021: Search giant wants to make selling easier for small businesses

Google I/O 2021: Search giant wants to make selling easier for small businesses

While most businesses today are as clueless as the k in Tauktae, Google is making quantum leaps, quite literally, with its announcement of next generation quantum computers during their annual developer conference called Google I/O on Tuesday. More on quantum computing later, but for you me and the average small business there are a bunch of things we can put to good use from their announcement.

Sell better with Shopping Graph

Google’s Shopping Graph can pull & collate information across websites, prices, reviews, videos to provide better shopping experiences for users. Google estimates that every day there are over a billion ‘shopping journeys’ across its products including Search, Maps, Images, Lens, and YouTube. Small merchants & individual content creators on YouTube can now directly sell products from their video. Google has also partnered with Shopify to offer over 1.7 million merchants a doorway to be part of the shopping graph.

Collaborate better with Smart Canvas

“Can you see my screen” is the phrase we all have used while working through video calls. With Google’s smart canvas, you can now have video calls inside a Google docs and sheets for better collaboration. Smart canvas was only available for their selected enterprise customers, and now it is coming to small businesses, individuals, and schools.

It also offers a variety of tools including voting, @mentioning a colleague for assigning tasks, and for an overall better collaborative remote work.

Better conversational AI

Google revealed its newest, cutting edge advancement in conversational AI named LaMDA, a neural network architecture that is trained to not just read words and sentences, but to understand the relation between words, nuances, and provide sensible responses in a dialogue, usually through a chatbot. Google showcased LaMDA by showing conversations between a paper plane and a human!

Better health on wrist

Google acquired Fitbit and is now bringing the best of it to Google Wear, the smart watch. They have also merged with Samsung to fuse Wear OS and Tizen for building a better ecosystem for developers. Third party apps like Calm and Flo are also coming to Wear making a better health monitoring companion than just a fancy gadget.

Android at the center of our connected living

Android 12 promises better security, privacy, and a personalized design through Material You, which changes thephone’s theme and app colors based on your wallpaper! Present on over 3 billion devices, Android is now getting to the center of our connected living; Android phones can now do everything from controlling your TV, to smart homes gadgets and it can even be your car keys.

Quantum leap

Google aims to make a commercially available Quantum Computer within this decade, and Sundar Pichai showcased some advancements Google had made through their dedicated quantum AI lab at Santa Barbara, California.

A new and improved hardware component called Sycamore processor; a 53-qubit is at the heart of Google’s quantum computer. Recently, Sycamore completed a task in 200 seconds which would take a state-of-the-art supercomputer 10,000 years to finish.

Google aims to use the advancement in quantum computing to solve problems from better battery life to advancing drug discovery.

Google AI advancements are applied across their product ecosystem, better search, better maps, better conversational AI on Assistant, better Photos, better shopping. And for enterprise customers, better AI on Cloud.

Besides, Google has also come a long way to give us increased control over privacy and personalization.

Pichai ended the keynote hoping to see us in person next year, a sentiment the entire world echoes!

(The writer is CEO of Agrahyah Technologies)

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